Bill Cotching - Soil Scientist & Ceramic Artist

Soil management and research, ceramics, Tasmania, Australia

Soil erosion control invention

A new soil erosion control technique has been developed for use on steep slopes used for annual cropping. A purpose-built implement has been designed for installing the mulched rip lines. Immediately after sowing of the crop a 2-tined implement is used with a wheeled tractor to install rip lines on the level across the slope. Cereal straw is laid at the same time by the implement on top of the rip lines at the rate of approximately 5 tonnes/hectare. The rip lines are spaced from 25 to 80 metres apart depending on the slope of the paddock. This methods of erosion control is designed to keep runoff water on the paddock by slowing water movement down slope with the straw and getting the water to infiltrate into the soil via the rip lines. As an added bonus, any soil moving down slope is trapped by the straw and so prevented from leaving the paddock. (link)

See the video 

Download the method of installation (here)

Download a history of adoption of the ripper mulcher in northwest Tasmania (here)