Bill Cotching - Soil Scientist & Ceramic Artist

Soil management and research, ceramics, Tasmania, Australia

Latest publications

Spatial variation of soil nutrients in dairy pasture paddocks (link)

Organic matter in the agricultural soils of Tasmania, Australia – A review (link)

Within field variability of soil penetration resistance(link

Soil nutrient concentrations and farm gate nutrient balances for dairy farm management in Tasmania (link

N Mineralisation from Bioresources Incubated at 12.5°C (link)

Land use and management influences on surface soil organic carbon in Tasmania (link)

Hydropedology and Preferential flow in the Tasmanian Texture-Contrast Soils (link)

Bulk soil moisture estimation using CosmOz cosmic ray sensor and ANFIS (link)

Evaluation of rapid approaches for determining the soil water retention function and saturated hydraulic conductivity in a hydrologically complex soil (link)

Changes in Organic Carbon and Selected Soil Fertility Parameters in Agricultural Soils in Tasmania, Australia (link)

Carbon stocks in Tasmanian soils (link)
Sustainable Potato Production: Global Case studies (link)
Six papers presented to the joint Australian & New Zealand Soil Conference 2-7 December 2012 that can be viewed in the conference proceedings
      Improving nutrient management on dairy farms in northwest Tasmania –            page 17

      Land management impacts on soil carbon levels in four Tasmanian soil                types   – page 666

      Climate, soil order and land use influences on soil carbon in Tasmania –              page 683

      Spatial representation of errors in the Australian soil resource information          system (ASRIS) in Tasmania – page 702

      Hydropedology of Tasmanian texture-contrast soils – page 739-742

     Error and uncertainty with the determination of the soil water retention               function and saturated hydraulic conductivity for soil water modelling –           page 755 -758

Landscape Logic - Integrating Science for Landscape Management (link)  

Wealth from Water - crop rules to guide site suitability fact sheets (link), irrigation fact sheets (link)

Subsurface Lateral Flow in Texture-Contrast (Duplex) Soils and Catchments with Shallow Bedrock (link)

Influence of climate, water content and leaching on seasonal variations in potential water repellence (link)

Influence of antecedent soil moisture on hydraulic conductivity in a series of texture-contrast soils (link)

State and trends of soil carbon - Tasmanian content of Australian State of Environment report 2011 (link)

Plant growth and soil responses to soil applied organic materials in Tasmania, Australia (link)

Soil quality evaluation and the interaction with land use and soil order in Tasmania, Australia (link)

Modelling the fate of water and nitrogen in the mixed vegetable farming systems of northern Tasmania, Australia (link)

Soil phosphorus effects on ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) production on a Hydrosol in Tasmania (link)

Effect of antecedent soil moisture on preferential flow in a texture-contrast soil (link) 
Metal element uptake in vegetables and wheat after biosolids application (link)
Full list of publications (link