Bill Cotching - Soil Scientist & Ceramic Artist

Soil management and research, ceramics, Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania's State soil

Did you know that soil scientists selected a state soil for each state in Australia?
Tasmania has the Ferrosol. Find out more.

Soil Quality in Tasmania

Soil quality assessment with traffic light indicators against objective benchmarks are now available for some soils in Tasmania (link)

Soil structure scorecard

Bill has developed a soil structure scorecard for sandy loam and loam textured topsoils in Tasmania that you can download at this link

You can also download the structure scorecard for clay loam textured topsoils (here

Soil condition

Soil quality evaluation and the interaction with land use and soil order in Tasmania, Australia (link)


Soil assets in the Cradle Coast Region, Tasmania

The North West Coast Region contains a diverse range of soils due to variations in climate, landscape and geology. Climate ranges from coastal to alpine, topography from alluvial flats to mountain ranges and geology from soft unconsolidated recent sediments to exceedingly old and hard metamorphic and volcanic rocks. The soils that have developed in such a diverse landscape include shallow peat soils, robust red basaltic soils, wind blown sands, and easily degraded texture contrast soils (sands over clay). Each soil type is a reflection of its parent material, position in the landscape and age.